Wednesday, April 8, 2009

frm-41211 integration error: ssl failure running another product

You receive the above error when using RUN_PRODUCT or RUN_REPORT_OBJECT in forms:

This can occur for a number of reasons. Below are a number of Causes and Solutions
Cause no 1)

Cause of this error may be......

"Report Server" property of "Reports" object is not set.

you can try to solve this problem by following guideline.......

The "Report Server" property of the "Reports" object should be set. This could be either set in "Report Server" property of the "Reports" object during design time (in Forms Builder),


could be programaticaly set using SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY built-in similar to following :

set_report_object_property(l_repid, REPORT_SERVER, 'name_of_reports_server');

where l_repid stands for the id of Reports Object

Cause no 2) - Multiple Calls of RUN_PRODUCT/RUN_REPORT_OBJECT:

If you run multiple Reports from Forms e.g. in a loop with
Run_report_object or Run_product and the Communicaton Mode is
Asynchronous you will get Error FRM-41211 INTEGRATION

1) Use SYNCHRONOUS instead of ASYNCHRONOUS when running multiple
reports. This way the next report will not run until the first

2) Use ON-ERROR trigger on forms-level as follows:

lv_errcode number := error_code;
lv_errtype varchar2(3) := error_type;
lv_errtxt varchar2(80) := error_text;
IF (lv_errcode = 41211) THEN null;
message(lv_errtype || '-' || to_char(lv_errcode) || ': ' ||
raise form_trigger_Failure;
This will allow you to bypass the FRM-41211 error if you
are receiving it in error.

3) Introduce a small delay between the two calls. For instance,
executing either the PAUSE command or create a TIMER between
the successive RUN_PRODUCT/RUN_REPORT_OBJECT commands.
Cause no 3 - Environment problems:

The same report may be able to run successfully on another machine.
The form may compile and run successfully, it is only when issuing
the call to RUN_PRODUCT or RUN_REPORT_OBJECT that the above error occurs.


Verify that the REPORTS60_PATH is set correctly.
The REPORTS60_PATH should point to a directory which contains
the executable files (for example,.rdf or .rep files) that are
used by Oracle Forms to run the report. Also make sure that the environment
variable is spelled properly (REPORTS60_PATH and not REPORT60_PATH).
This is the environment variable that is used by the system to find your
reports executables.

Cause no 4 - Memory Problems:  

Integration errors are most commonly caused by memory resource problems.
This type of error can also occur if you do not have enough REAL ( CONVENTIONAL )
memory necessary to launch Reports or Graphics.
A general recommendation is 8 MB of Memory for one runtime component
and 3 MB for each additional Runtime you want to run concurrently.
16 MB of memory are recommended for one Designer Component and
an additional 4MB for each Designer you want to run concurrently.

Cause no 5) Incompatible Report/Graphics Version:
Make sure that you have properly installed the Oracle Graphics,
Oracle Reports and Oracle Book version that is compatible
with the Oracle Forms version that you are running.

Cause no 6) LAN Installation of Developer:

You are using a Windows platform using a LAN install
(the Oracle products are installed on a network drive).
When you issue the RUN_PRODUCT built-in to call Oracle Reports
from Oracle Forms, the following error occurs:
FRM-41211: Integration error -- SSL failure running another product
Running the report stand-alone can result in the following
error: REP-118 : Unable to create a temporary file.


7) Last Cause may be .....

May be this problem is for the REPORT DEVELOPER or RUNTIME not installed in your machine or might be one that is installed is of older version... there is a conflict between forms developer and reports run-time . be sure that your form is not corrupted and reinstall reports.

Last solution..... you can reinstall of the reports
( i solved my problem by this way)

1. close all applications that are runnig
[especially antivirus progs]

2. remove in the registry the reports path key

3. install reports

4. set your reports path in the register.

5. reboot computer
6. close all applications that would be start when windows start form and call a report


Anonymous said...

I installed IAS
and runing The Forms but when I need Running
and call Report I see then message frm-41211
please help me when you can?

Muhammad Abdul Halim said...

Have you looked at above points ?

Anonymous said...

it helped alot.thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Abdul,

Thanks for all the solutions that you have provided. I have oracle forms 6i applications running successfully for so many years on XP.

I am trying to run the same form on Windows 7 (Virtual Machine and getting the same error when it is calling the run_product to invoke reports from farms.

Is it something that you can help with?

ken ndegwa said...

Halim, thanks for your blog.
For a machine running windows 7, you need some DLLs to enable the reports to run without the integration error.please see this link below:

Anonymous said...

Hi I have a similar problem where the application is 3 tier arch where Oracle Forms6 deployed in Citrix Oracle 8 database on Unix and Oracle report 6i on Windows 2003. Recently the users migrated their PC to Win 7 and some users were not able to run the report. Its not the same across all some users including me is able to run the report just fine.. any idea why it behaves differently on specific user machine.

Anonymous said...

I set the path for reports in environment variables and its working fine...