Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oracle Forms or reports 6i in Windows of 64 bits

Oracle Forms or reports 6i in Windows 64 bits

Oracle Forms for Windows is not certificate for any version of 64 bits (Vista Windows, Microsoft 2003/2008 Server). What is not certificate does not mean that it does not work, simply that Oracle in case of problem is not going to provide any type of support.
Vista Windows of 32 bits is not certificate but in particular from the beginning it has given less problems me than Forms10g, but Oracle Forms 6i in 64 bits from patch 4 does not work the calls to reports that they are realised from forms, either works from Forms Builder to execute the form that we are designing.
Since I have said the problem before arises from patch 4 from forms, with previous patch 3 or it works perfectly, but there are cases like mine where already it was using patch 17 where we cannot raise to return to the 3 since more things would fail many to us.
The problem in particular is in the bookstores nn60.dll and nnb60.dll that is in folder BIN. These bookstores I believe that they manage the communication between applications of Forms, forms with reports, to builder with debugger, etc.
In my case I have installed patch 17 and I have put those bookstores of patch 3 and works everything correctly.
In the following connections I leave the bookstores of patch 3, so that if teneis problems simply renombrais those that teneis installed and copiais these:
Pls try to replace the following two dll files in \bin folder by using oracle 6i patch 3 or before version:

You may download the two .dll files from


For more information:


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It is possible to install Oracle D2K 6i to windows 10?/

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For those who are looking the files, please go to this link: