Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to increase site traffic/hits

How to increase site traffic/hits
Website traffic or visitor is an important thing for webmasters. It’s not hard to derive traffic if you follow some simple tips and tricks. Those tips will help you to derive massive traffic in your site within few days. I will discuss those tips in the following.

1. Original Content: Write always original content and avoid duplicate content for your site. Search engine will penalize your duplicate contents. Write yourself whatever you know from reading articles or searching sites. Try to keep your article’s words minimum 200 words. It will take 15 to 30 minutes to write a 200 words article. Write daily what interests you. But best will be chose a specific niche such as sports, health, relation, food, travel etc. So remember original content is king to derive website traffic.

2. Keywords: Write keywords on your article’s title and first paragraph of your article. Also try to write those keywords at the last paragraph of your article.

3. Inbound link: Keep inbound link in your content. Inbound link is to link some keywords with your other article or any other site.

4. Submit sitemap to search engine: It’s very important to submit your sitemap to popular search engines like google, yahoo and msn. You can know the way of submitting site map from searching web.

5. Submit to Article directory: Write an article according to your niche and submit it to some number of article directories. Those article directories will allow you to keep your site link and after reading your article visitor will come to your site clicking the link. Some popular article directories are Ezine, ArticlesBase, Isnare etc.

6. Join Forums: Join some forum site related to your niche and participate conversation with the members of the forum site. Keep your site or article link at the end of your speech.

7. Join Answer site: It easy to derive traffic by joining answering site. On those site you can find to many topics and members are asking questions for an specific topic. Answer the topic of your niche and keep your site link as source of your answer.

Those are the most effective and basic tips to derive traffic and if you follow those tips you will not have to wait for traffic.

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