Monday, October 5, 2009

TNS easy connection

TNS easy connection

1. sqlplus islbas/islbas@ (if port is default 1521)

2. sqlplus islbas/islbas@

3. connect to a URL using the Easy Connect Syntax

sqlplus islbas/islbas@//


rlsrathore said...

Good Afternoon Mr. H. Abdul,
How will you withdraw previliges from user scott in oracle 10g so user can login as scott with password tiger but it should not be able to change the pasword at sql prompt (SQL>) usin password command.

Please tell me...
my email id is as given below,

Muhammad Abdul Halim said...

Thanks Mr. rlsrathore

I think the following topic can solve this.

if user have connect privilige the he can access to database. but for "Password" command,
You need see following topic.