Monday, November 16, 2009



yesterday our client cannot connect to system because when they
are trying to connect its become hang.
we also try to connect with that database user from sqlplus
it also hang. but we can connect with sys user.
some alert log error here....

ORA-07445 : exception encountered: core dump [%s] [%s]

ORA-1688: unable to extend table SYS.WRH$_LATCH_CHILDREN partition WRH$_LATCH__2432247821_10332
by 128 in tablespace SYSAUX
Sat Nov 14 22:18:56 2009
MMON Flush encountered SYSAUX out of space error(1688).

Errors in file /d04/admin/stlbas/udump/stlbas_ora_7294.trc:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [12333], [0], [0], [0], [], [], [], []
Sat Oct 24 16:44:32 2009
Error occured while spawning process P409; error = 3135

ORA-07445 is a critical error generated by an oracle database when it has receives a fatal
signal from the operating system. This error may be raised in either a foreground or
background process. The most common reason for this error is where a pointer in memory
is overwritten in error by a software problem. In this event, when the pointer is used
to lookup the data it is pointing at, this may likely reference an area of memory without
the process address space. Read more about the cause, interpretation and resolution of the
error ORA-07445 error below

ORA-07445 : What can cause this error

Bug in Oracle Code

Change in reference libraries [ If you have recently applied OS patches, it may be wise to
relink the binaries ]
Code changes in application that causes invalid/null value conditions where a valid value is
Software issues like incorrect Libaries due to invalid environment variables primarily related
ORA-07445 : Where is the diagnostic information
When an ORA-07445 occurs in an oracle database, the error is written to the database alertlog.
Along with the error, a trace file is written to the background or user dump dest directory of oracle. Also a core dump may be created in the core dump destination directory.

ORA 7445 : Anatomy of the Error
There are two typical signals seen, i.e, SIGBUS (signal 10, bus error) and SIGSEGV
(signal 11, segmentation violation).

Examples of the Error can be as follows :

ORA-7445: exception encountered: core dump [some_SQL()+268] [SIGBUS] [Invalid address
alignment] [] [] []

ORA-7445: exception encountered: core dump [10] [2100262800] [261278112] [] [] []

Example 1 shows that the error occurred in some_SQL() and a SIGBUS signal was sent.
Example 2 has very less information indicating a signal 10 was received but the function
is not identified.

Oracle metalink provides detailed information on troubleshooting the errors. The Note 153788.1
- Troubleshoot an ORA-7445 Error

ORA-7445 : Resolution and working with Oracle Support
ORA 7445 error cannot just be eliminated by the oracle database administrator due to the complexity
involved in resolving this error.

To reduce the amount of time taken by the Oracle Support team to reduce this error, dba should
try to reproduce the situation and identify the SQL or Operation that can reproduce this error
Open an ITAR with Oracle using metalink and Create an RDA of the Oracle database and update the
TAR with the alert log, trace files and the core dumps that the error has generated
Review. the following notes provided by oracle to successfully resolving an ORA 7445 error.
Documents and Links mentioned below will require that you have access to Oracle Metalink
Metalink Note 153788.1 : ORA 7445 Search Tool
Metalink Note 164968.1 : What is an ORA 7445 Error


we find a trace file with ORA-7445 and then find a select statmente , for which the
error is generate.

At last we find that those sql is define in a ON LOGON DATABASE trigger of our database. here many update and insert statment is present.
for this reason it generating many redo, and for this reason Database is hang.

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