Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu list of query of my software (tree node)

select count(progtype)
from (

select de,progname,progtype from (
select a.*,b.PROGTYPE from (
select PARENTNM, levlcode, decode(levlcode,1,progdesc,2,' '||progdesc,3,' '||progdesc,4,' '||progdesc,' '||progdesc) de,
decode(levlcode, 1,'nxtblk',2,'nxtblk',3,'nxtblk',4,'paste','paste') leave,progname ,MENUSLNO
from symentre
where levlcode != 0
start with PARENTNM='ROOTP'
connect by prior progname=parentnm
) a, symenmas b
where a.progname =b.progname(+)
start with PARENTNM='ROOT'
connect by prior progname=parentnm

where nvl(progtype,'X') ='R'

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