Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oracle Database Firewall

Oracle Database Firewall

Cost Effective Protection for Oracle and non-Oracle Databases
Oracle Database Firewall, part of Oracle's comprehensive portfolio of database security solutions, is the first line of defense for both Oracle and non-Oracle databases. It monitors database activity on the network to help prevent unauthorized access, SQL injections, privilege or role escalation, and other external and internal attacks - all in real time. Based on innovative SQL grammar technology that can reduce millions of SQL statement into a small number of SQL characteristics, Oracle Database Firewall offers unmatched accuracy, scalability, and performance. Enforcement of positive (white lists) and negative (black lists) security models provides protection from threats without time consuming and costly false positives. Oracle Database Firewall also enables organizations to address SOX, PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, and other regulatory requirements without changes to existing applications or databases, and demonstrate compliance with built-in customizable reports.


* Flexible policy enforcement—Block, substitute, alert and pass, or log unauthorized SQL statements to your databases.
* Flexible deployments—Can be quickly deployed out-of-band or in-line with heterogeneous database environments.
* Optional host based agents—Monitor for unauthorized use of local console, keyboard or remote sessions by privileged users for regulatory compliance.
* Consolidated Safe Reporting—Heterogeneous database activity consolidated into a centralized database for reporting with option to mask sensitive information.


Oracle has acquired Secerno, adding a heterogeneous database firewall to Oracle's industry-leading database security solutions. 'This combination will further enable customers to reduce the cost and complexity of securing their information throughout the enterprise with a protective perimeter around Oracle and non-Oracle databases.

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