Monday, May 30, 2011

Add Rac node to a existing RAC in 11g R1

Node Addition

eg8228 node1
eg8238 node2

Step 1 : Check Cluvfy to identify the issue in Installation
from Node 1

cluvfy stage -pre crsinst -n eg8228,eg8238 -r 11gR1

Step 2 : From Node1 of GUI

run and as asked on the required node

verify crs_stat has the resource running on new node

Step 3 : Configure new ONS
racgons add_config eg8228:6251

step 4 : From Node 1
goto ASM_HOME/oui/bin

select the Node to execute and install run when required

step 5 : From Node 1

goto ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin


select the node to install

step 5 :
Run it on Node 2
netca to configure Listener on this node, use ASM Home

step 6 :
Run it on Node 2
run dbca / configure automatic storage management

step 7 :
On Node 2
run dbca / Instance MAnagement and add database instance

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