Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ORA-12560 TNS:protocol adapter error

Cause: A generic protocol adapter error occurred.

Action: Check addresses used for proper protocol specification. Before
reporting this error, look at the error stack and check for lower level
transport errors.For further details, turn on tracing and reexecute the
operation. Turn off tracing when the operation is complete.

This is a high level error just reporting an error occurred in
the actual transport layer. Look at the next error down the
stack and process that.

Some workaround:-

1) Database Creation (DBCA) Fails With ORA-12560

I) in windows Anit-virus install that prevent write to system32 folder. so check it or uninstall it.

II) There was no ORA_DBA group and no ORADBA user on the server

2) (in SQLPlus) sys connection fails with ORA-12560 (in windows)

I) Make sure that the service for the SID is started and running.(in windows)

II) The PATH environment variable was incorrectly set
Oracle client software home was set as the first entry in the PATH
not Oracle database software home.
Therefore, the client version of sqlplus was used.

III) The ORACLE_SID is not set in the environment.
check (in windows) My Computer >> right click >> Properties >> Advanced >> Env variables >> System

IV) Make sure that your SID name is less than 15 charcaters long and does not
include any special characters such as _,-,$,&,!, etc.

V) if you use Terminal Services Client then, you MUST connect using a SQL*Net alias
e.g. sqlplus username/password@

3) Domain Administrator account can not log in with this SYS as SYSDBA

I) so need to add the Domain Administrators group to the
Local Administrators group and that same individual domain administrator account must also be a member of the local ORA_DBA or DBA group.


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Could you please explain in detail about how the incorrect path order of ORACLE_HOME

i.e. "Oracle client software home was set as the first entry in the PATH not Oracle database software home"

will affect the oracle & result in a "TNS-12560/ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error occurred"?

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