Monday, November 14, 2011

ORA-32004:obsolete and/or deprecated parameter(s) specified

Clue:= when you trying to startup your database you face this error
this means you set up a obsolete and/or deprecated parameter in database parameter file.
for this this error is showing .

so now you should check parameter file which is using when database is starting up.
and remove the obsolete and/or deprecated parameter then startup the database.

Now question is:- how can you find out of this obsolete and/or deprecated parameter?

Answer are :-

1)Look at the alert log of the associated instance (at the time that an instance startup is initiated)
it show the parameter with this "obsolete and/or deprecated" message.
like below

Deprecated system parameters with specified values:
(your Deprecated parameters)
End of deprecated system parameter listing

2) or if database is accessable then query this view V$OBSOLETE_PARAMETER

3) or read the document of the current database version and identified from the list of deprecated parameters

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