Tuesday, April 3, 2012

After deleted the files but no space reclaimed in Sun solaris mount point

yes, i have deleted some big files from a mount point in sun
solaris system but i can not get back any space.

#df -h ---command shows 100% used.


it have many causes..

1)May be the process that created the file is still running because the blocks aren't freed until no processes are accessing the file so first stop the process or Try to kill the process ( or reboot can solve this). (i have tested it by deleting a oracle listener log file. it does not free space until listener stop.)

2) May be there's another link to the file, which still
exists and is occupying the space.(reboot may solve this)

3)or May be that the space is hidden by Unix's habit of saving
10% of a file system for root. If you get 0% as root then this isn't the case.

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