Friday, March 13, 2015

Add a user account to a ora_dba group in Windows 8 !

I know this is a very silly thing, but lots of student asking this question so many times specially in Windows 8, How can they add a user account to a group.

Lacking of this ORA_DBA group privileges , you will face following error message when you will try to log-in internally like
SQL > connect / as sysdba

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges 

so, you have to add your current OS user (oracle software installation OS user)  to "ora_dba" group in windows (dba group in unix system).

1)  Open CMD prompt window the administrative privileges.

To start a command prompt window with Windows Administrator privileges:

    On your desktop, create a shortcut for the command prompt window. An icon for that shortcut appears on the desktop.

    Right-click the icon for the newly created shortcut, and specify Run as administrator.

When you open this window, the title bar reads Administrator: Command Prompt. Commands run from within this window are run with Administrator privileges.

2)  CMD commands to do that in Windows 8

--check the users

cmd> net user

--for checking the group

cmd> net localgroup

--add user111 to ora_dba group

cmd> net localgroup ora_dba your_oracle_user_name /add

--for help
cmd> net help localgroup


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