Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oracle Application server 10g Configuration steps

AS Installment:

1. Install the Oracle Infrastructure.
2. Install the Oracle AS (Naming Convention First Infrastructure then AS)
3. Configure The AS
4. First configure the formsweb.cfg file (forms90/server/formsweb.cfg)

Details (a):
form=D:\forms\LOGON.fmx usesdi=yes [Run form in the particular path and user]
userid=halim/halim@orcl [Connect database]
width=100% [Screen width]
height=100%[Screen height]
colorscheme=blue [ Screen default color select hear]
pageTitle=SOFTWARE:: DEVELOPED BY HALIM [internet Explorer title Customize hear ]
archive_jini=f90all_jinit.jar,rolloverbutton.jar,getclientinfo.jar,infobutton.jar,images.jar [ Stored all jar file in the \forms90\java\
lookAndFeel=Oracle [Look and Flee for screen it should be two option one is oracle. Its default also and another is generic]
splashscreen=test.gif [use jar file that is store in the forms\java\images.jar. If u want to store another image in the jar then first u have to open jar file by using wingip.]
logo=test.gif gif [use jar file that is store in then forms\java\images.jar. If u want to store another image in the jar then first u have to open jar file by using wingip.]
separateFrame=false (Separate frame)

5 Configure the registry.dat (forms90\java\oracle\forms\registry\ registry.dat)

a. font
default.fontMap.appFontnames=BrowalliaUPC,CordiaUPC,C39P12DlTt,C39HrP24DlTt,Tahoma,Impact,Courier New,Courier,courier,System,Terminal,Fixed,Fixedsys,Times,Times New Roman,MS Sans Serif,Arial


b. lov

c. required

Details (b): Configure the registry.dat (forms90\java\oracle\forms\registry\ registry.dat)
app.ui.lovButtons = true [ If u want to show lovbuttons then true. By default it is flase. ]

6 Configure the cgicmd.dat(\\Ris\c$\Oracle\Ora10gAS\reports\conf\ cgicmd.dat)
shis: userid=trama/ati@orcl server=rep_ris %*

cmd : rwserver –install server=rep_ris (Report server service creator)

7 For font Ambit and Subset (Location: d:\FRHome\tools\common90\unifont.ali)

[ PDF:Embed ]
"C39P12DlTt" = "V100013_.ttf"
"C39P24DlTt" = "V100014_.ttf"
"C39P12D|Tt" = "V100013_.ttf"
"C39P24D|Tt" = "V100014_.ttf"

[ PDF:Subset ]
"C39P12DlTt" = "V100013_.ttf"
"C39P24DlTt" = "V100014_.ttf"
"C39P12D|Tt" = "V100013_.ttf"
"C39P24D|Tt" = "V100014_.ttf"
"Tahoma" = "tahoma.ttf"
"BrowalliaUPC" = "BROWAU.TTF"

8 Orarrp :Mone type
AddType application/x-orarrp-text rrpt
AddType application/x-orarrp-ps rrpp
AddType application/x-orarrp-pdf rrpa
AddType application/x-orarrp-rtf rrpr
AddType application/x-orarrp-ini rrpi
AddType application/x-orarrp-html rrph

See bmp picture::

9 Create DNS Alias

10 configure the index.html(Apache\Apache\htdocs\ index.html)

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