Saturday, August 6, 2011

ALTER SYSTEM SET service_names='SYS$SYS.KUPC$S.....SCOPE=MEMORY SID ='' in alert log file

In my alert log, it shows like below

ALTER SYSTEM SET service_names='SYS$SYS.KUPC$S_1_254872100321.halimdb.halimdba.COM','halimdbservice' SCOPE=MEMORY SID='halimdb1';

why it shows this command, i am sure nobody can execute this command in this Database.
so how it appear in alert log.

You must have run expdp or impdp recently. These tools change the service name.
Datapump doesn't tamper with existing services, it just creates
new services for its own queue operation.
You can also find similar statement in the alert log file after running the expdp command.
just test it .


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Adnan Rafi said...

i m using datapump on my production database daily. but i didn't see any message like alter system set service_names,
i using 10g and 11g