Monday, September 28, 2009

Hardware Components for oracle Database

The main hardware components include:

■ Memory
■ I/O Subsystem
■ Network

There can be one or more CPUs, and they can vary in processing power from
simple CPUs found in hand-held devices to high-powered server CPUs. Sizing of
other hardware components is usually a multiple of the CPUs on the system.

Database and application servers require considerable amounts of memory to
cache data and avoid time-consuming disk access.

I/O Subsystem
The I/O subsystem can vary between the hard disk on a client PC and
high performance disk arrays. Disk arrays can perform thousands of I/Os each second
and provide availability through redundancy in terms of multiple I/O paths and hot
pluggable mirrored disks.

Note: These factors are based on Oracle Server Performance
group’s experience of tuning unscalable systems.

All computers in a system are connected to a network, from a modem line to a
high speed internal LAN. The primary concerns with network specifications are
bandwidth (volume) and latency (speed).

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