Monday, September 28, 2009

Need to know for Oracle Database architecture

The following questions should stimulate thought on Oracle Database architecture.

These questions demonstrate how business requirements
can influence the architecture, ease of implementation, and overall
performance and availability of a system.

For example:

■ How many users will the system support?
■ What will be the user interaction method?
■ Where are the users located?
■ What is the network speed?
■ How much data will the user access, and how much of that data is largely read
■ What is the user response time requirement?
■ Do users expect 24 hour service?
■ Must all changes be made in real time?
■ How big will the database be?
■ What is the required throughput of business transactions?
■ What are the availability requirements?
■ Do skills exist to build and administer this application?
■ What compromises will be forced by budget constraints?

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