Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Change Public and Virtual IP Address in Oracle RAC 11g ?

How to Change Public and Virtual IP Address in Oracle RAC 11g ?

Steps are follows:-


Take the Services, Database, ASM Instances and nodeapps down on both the Nodes in Cluster. Also disable the nodeapps, asm and database instances to prevent them from restarting in case if this node gets rebooted during this process.

srvctl stop service -d test
srvctl stop database -d test
srvctl stop asm -n node1-pub
srvctl stop asm -n node2-pub

srvctl stop nodeapps -n node1-pub,node1-pub2
srvctl disable instance -d test -i test1,test2
srvctl disable asm -n node1-pub
srvctl disable asm -n node2-pub

srvctl disable nodeapps -n node1-pub
srvctl disable nodeapps -n node2-pub

Modify the /etc/hosts and/or DNS, ifcfg-eth0 (local node) with the new IP values
on All the Nodes

Restart the specific network interface in order to use the new IP.

ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 up

Or, you can restart the network.
CAUTION: on NAS, restarting entire network may cause the node to be rebooted.

Update the OCR with the New Public IP.
In case of public IP, you have to delete the interface first and then add it back with the new IP address.

As oracle user, Issue the below command:

oifcfg delif -global eth0
oifcfg setif -global eth0/

Update the OCR with the New Virtual IP.
Virtual IP is part of the nodeapps and so you can modify the nodeapps to update the Virtual IP information.

As privileged user (root), Issue the below commands:

srvctl modify nodeapps -n node1-pub -A <-- for Node 1
srvctl modify nodeapps -n node1-pub -A <-- for Node 2

Enable the nodeapps, ASM, database Instances for all the Nodes.

srvctl enable instance -d test -i test1,test2
srvctl enable asm -n node1-pub
srvctl enable asm -n node2-pub

srvctl enable nodeapps -n node1-pub
srvctl enable nodeapps -n node2-pub

Update the listener.ora file on each nodes with the correct IP addresses in case if it uses the IP address instead of the hostname.

Restart the Nodeapps, ASM and Database instance

srvctl start nodeapps -n node1-pub
srvctl start nodeapps -n node2-pub

srvctl start asm -n node1-pub
srvctl start asm -n node2-pub

srvctl start database -d test

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Anonymous said...

Hi Muhammad: Is changing the network interface part of the nodeapps? For example, I am trying to change the public interface from eth2 to bond0. What would the command be? Thanks in advance.