Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Check CRS Status in oracle RAC 11g

How to Check CRS Status in oracle RAC 11g:

The below two commands are generally used to check the status of CRS. The first command lists the status of CRS
on the local node where as the other command shows the CRS status across all the nodes in Cluster.

crsctl check crs <<-- for the local node
crsctl check cluster <<-- for remote nodes in the cluster

[root@node1-pub ~]# crsctl check crs
Cluster Synchronization Services appears healthy
Cluster Ready Services appears healthy
Event Manager appears healthy
[root@node1-pub ~]#

Checking Viability of CSS across nodes:

crsctl check cluster

For this command to run, CSS needs to be running on the local node. The "ONLINE" status for remote node says that CSS is running on that node.
When CSS is down on the remote node, the status of "OFFLINE" is displayed for that node.

[root@node1-pub ~]# crsctl check cluster
node1-pub ONLINE
node2-pub ONLINE

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