Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Restoring OCR in Oracle 11g RAC?

How to Restoring OCR in Oracle 11g RAC?

The below command is used to restore the OCR from the physical backup. Shutdown CRS on all nodes.

ocrconfig -restore

Locate the avialable Backups

[root@node1-pub ~]# ocrconfig -showbackup

node2-pub 2007/09/03 17:46:47 /u01/app/crs/cdata/test-crs/backup00.ocr

node2-pub 2007/09/03 13:46:45 /u01/app/crs/cdata/test-crs/backup01.ocr

node2-pub 2007/09/03 09:46:44 /u01/app/crs/cdata/test-crs/backup02.ocr

node2-pub 2007/09/03 01:46:39 /u01/app/crs/cdata/test-crs/day.ocr

node2-pub 2007/09/03 01:46:39 /u01/app/crs/cdata/test-crs/week.ocr

node1-pub 2007/10/07 13:50:41 /u01/app/crs/cdata/test-crs/backup_20071007_135041.ocr

Perform Restore from previous Backup

[root@node2-pub ~]# ocrconfig -restore /u01/app/crs/cdata/test-crs/week.ocr

The above command restore the OCR from week old backup.
If you have logical backup of OCR (taken using export option), then You can import it with the below command.

ocrconfig -import /tmp/ocr_exp.dat

Restoring Votedisks

  • Shutdown CRS on all the nodes in Cluster.
  • Locate the current location of the Votedisks
  • Restore each of the votedisks using "dd" command from the previous good backup of Votedisk taken using the same "dd" command.
  • Start CRS on all the nodes.

crsctl stop crs
crsctl query css votedisk
dd if= of= <<-- do this for all the votedisks
crsctl start crs

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